Business Formation and Structure

Starting a business is exciting.  The process can be overwhelming, as well.  Do I want to be a sole-proprietor?  Should I form a limited liability company?  Should I form a corporation and what tax structure should I choose?  Should my partners and I create an operating agreement?  Before embarking on your exciting endeavor, you should take the time to understand all your options.  Our office can provide you with sound advice in answering these questions.  Answering these questions early can save time and expense later.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Business Succession

Merging a business or acquiring a business is complex.  This process can have serious consequences in the future.  There can be tax consequences, debt assumption, contractual obligations and other legal pitfalls.  Our office can advise you during this process.  We can provide drafting and document review of these transactions. 

A business succession plan is important.  You worked hard to create something special.  You should have a plan about its future.  Our office can advise you and draft a plan for your business’ future.  Planning for the future of your business can save unnecessary expenses in the future.

Business Documents and Contracts 

The best way to avoid expensive litigation and costs is to make sure that you have well written documents and contracts.  Parties to a well written contract will understand their obligations and consequences if they fail to perform.  Our office can draft and help you with everything from your standard service agreement to a one-time transactional contract.  We can further help you draft employee handbooks that comply with state and federal law.

Business Disputes and Litigation

Unfortunately, most businesses will face some form of a dispute or litigation at point.  Our office strives to resolve business disputes before the need of the court.  However, sometimes litigation is the only way to resolve the dispute.  Our office will represent you during this process.